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A Visualization of a Cut

An experimental animated film in three parts, exploring six Scandinavian home movies and the nature of the cinematic cut. 

A Visualization of a Cut

A Visualization of a Cut is an experimental animated short film in three chapters exploring the connection between the cinematic cut and human relations extracted from home movies. The film is a meditation on life, love and loss explored through montage editing in home movies from six Scandinavian families, the materiality of paper and the thread that joins them together. The film is alternating between analysis and emotion and invites you to rethink the traditional conception of film and film narrative.

DIRECTOR: Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist

PRODUCER: Lana Tankosa Nikolic (Late Love Prouction, DK)

CO-PRODUCER: Drasko Ivezic (Adriatic Animation Studio, CRO) and Brunoe Cataeno (COLA, PORT) 

MUSIC and SOUND: Anton Friisgaard

SOUND MIX: Thomas Richard Christensen
COLOR CORRECTION; Andreia Bertini 

GENRE: Experimental Short film

LENGHT: 7:20 min

TECHNIQUE: Stop motion, Materials: paper, needle, thread, home movies and audiotape

COUNTRY: Denmark, Croatia and Portugal


SUPPORTED BY: West Danish Film Fund, Open Workshop/VIA University College and COLA

DISTRIBUTION; Lana Tankosa Nikolic,

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