Via Dolorosa


"Via Dolorosa" takes place in Jerusalem; a chaotic city, holy to all and destructive to itself. Political and personal matters mix. The director revisits her own teenage years, growing up as one of those wandering the streets of Jerusalem.

Through print-based animation inspired by audio and video footage documented on location, the film will weave a tapestry from those fragments of memories into one allegorical night in Jerusalem, during the ten days of awe — a period when it is customary to ask for atonement. She will confess her sins, discussing what is holy, what is sinful, what she wished she had said, what she wished she had done.

DIRECTOR: Rachel Gutgarts

PRODUCERS: Lana Tankosa Nikolic, Emmanuel-Alain Raynal and Pierre Baussaron

STATUS: In development

GENRE: Short film

LENGHT12 min

TECHNIQUE: Print based 2d animation

COUNTRY: Denmark and France