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A single-shot short film about a community that learns to adapt to an unknown situation.

A small community of creatures is living in a garden. Using water from the water fountain, the creatures perform each their own job, forming a cycle which sustains their life as they know it. When the fountain gets jammed by a curious butterfly, the creatures panic, unsure of how to continue. Regardless, they keep working and slowly but surely find new ways of doing their old tasks. They develop a new life cycle which uses milk as a resource.

DIRECTOR: Sunčana Brkulj

PRODUCER: Drasko Ivezić (Adriatic Animation Studio, CRO)

CO-PRODUCER: Lana Tankosa Nikolic (Late Love Prouction, DK)

STATUS: In Development

GENRE: Short film

LENGHT: 6 min

TECHNIQUE: Claymation

COUNTRY: Croatia and Denmark 


This unique animated interactive work is a bridge between the digital, performing arts, visual arts, and the latest innovative technology. At its core is the connection between spectator, witness, and accomplice. You are invited into a series of stories and rooms. As part of a shared experience, you will question your own accountability and the role of the individual within the collective.

The concept of home is the key – you are home, but it is not your home. The notion of returning home to the forced intimacy of a hybrid space which is both public and domestic at once, allows us to transcend the narrative and character driven dramaturgy. We Are at Home is a playful and captivating multi-user installation focused on technology-mediated social interactions: VR frees us to experiment with form, space, and immersive environments, where the layered dramaturgy, physicality, and interactivity suggest an internal language of storytelling. Visually, and story-wise, the participant’s journey is affected because they are a part of a group – the experience peaks with a call for action: no longer theatrical or observational, it becomes a moral question of who will take action, who will follow, and who will resist. 

And that changes everything.


We are at Home is a co-production between Late Love Production, Floréal Films, Miyu Productions and the National Film Board of Canada.

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